Sunday, September 19, 2010


My sister who currently resides in London is the 'Mouse' half of photography venture 'Bear + Mouse'. It's funny the things you stumble across in London - a little groove time with the lead singer of Friendly Fires, a bit of an impromptu photo shoot with Bambi Northwood and hey presto, a winning combination of my two favourite things - music and fashion. I use the term photo shoot loosely of course, I doubt Bambi was in any mood to whip out one of her famous $30, 000 pouts but here she is looking effortlessly good at the London club night 'Bugged Out'. Even on a bad angle Bambi manages to look mint.

image courtesy of Bear + Mouse

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

gaga officially gaga?

We all know Lady Gaga is eccentric and never fails to go above and beyond when it comes to outlandish fashion. I have to say, this takes the cake. Or the cow, depending on how you want to look at it. At the MTV VMA's three days ago, Gaga rocked up in a dress made entirely of meat. What's more disturbing about this turn of events is that Gaga's stylist is now the new creative director for french fashion house Thierry Mugler. It is interesting however, to see what the experts had to say when asked what Gaga's meat dress meant: 1) an anti-fashion statement, 2) a feminist statement, 3) a commentary on aging and decay, 4) a comment on our hypocritical attitude toward meat or 5) no statement at all - the joke's on us for thinking otherwise. Leave it to Lady Gaga to shock the fashion world, once again.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

the kob

So I usually start my day by checking my emails with the hope that Patty Huntington has posted something new. I love frockwriter, I think it's probably the best blog going - informative, entertaining and fresh. I daresay I blindly and faithfully believe in everything the woman has to say on the world of fashion.

Today, I respectfully have to say I am not a fan of this new trend Huntington has highlighted called the 'Kob' after Abby Lee Kershaw's new hair cut. Of course, Kershaw has the bone structure and delicate features that could make spiked punk hair a new trend for all young girls. Alas, this 'Kob' I fear is a trend that I would like to see skipped. Maybe it's because I'm jealous that Kershaw can so effortlessly wear her hair anyway she likes. In my opinion, the drawn back fringe is out dated and unflattering on many face shapes. According to Huntington the trend is spreading like wild fire in Sydney hair salons, let's just hope it doesn't creep on up to Brisbane where let's face it, fashion is not exactly taken to by many people - that is a whole other blog post on its way...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

so what paul dempsy?

So blogosphere, I've been a pretty crap blogger of late. Yes, my eleven followers, I'm terribly sorry to keep you in the lurch. So what do I have to offer you? Tales of my thrilling life? Stories of a poor University student, struggling to indulge myself in the latest fashions because I'm transitioning between part time jobs?

No friends, I have something with a much deeper meaning that I'm sure you'll appreciate far more then the rants of a spiteful 20 year old with a chip on my shoulder because assignments are sucking the life out of me.

Paul Dempsy fans beware. Yes, let's all take a moment to appreciate the hypnotic melodic sweet mellow sounds of his raspy tones. There is no denying this man is a lyrical messiah. On a completely unrelated side note, he's enormous - I met him once when I was 18 and I ogled him like a small fat child ogles the reminents of their yogo cup. I had no shame when I walked up to him, craned my neck just so I could see the bottom of his chin and asked him why Something for Kate weren't doing anything. The conversation went a little like this:

Georgia: Paul, I didn't think you would be so tall in person!

Paul: Er, Thanks, and you are?

Georgia: Oh sorry Paul, I'm Georgia and a huge fan of yours, what have you been up to lately?

Paul: Well actually I'm doing some solo recordings, not sure where it's going but hopefully I'll have something out by next year

Georgia: How exciting...

*awkward silence ensues*

Georgia: Well lovely chatting you Paul...

Two years later and I still haven't heard the end of Paul Dempsy's solo career. Thankfully in music news, Dempsy is writing in New York for the new Something for Kate album. No confirmation yet as to when the album will be recorded but this is quite exciting, given Dempsy's solo album was indeed successful however repetitive. I love supporting Australian music as much as the next person but one criticism I have of Triple J was the overplay of Dempsy's album 'Everything is True'. This isn't a criticism of Dempsy, simply the hype of an album I personally deem to be alright (apologies, I couldn't think of a better word).

I'll leave you with my all time favourite SFK song which formed the basis for my love of indie music as an eleven year old. From the album 'Echolalia' in 2001, here's 'Monster'.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

adventures of a splendid nature

Splendour in the Grass is a mere 5 weeks away and I am drooling over all things festival related. I'm researching the perfect outfits for the three night extravaganza set to be held for the first time at Woodfordia on Queensland's Sunny Coast this year - tres exciting!

So, here is my dilemma: the festival is in the middle of Winter, Woodford will be freezing, I will be camping and there is no electricity or warm running water. How does one dress for this environment? I could slum it and wear tracksuit pants with a hoodie but that just wouldn't be in the spirit of the festival. So I have researched and internet shopped my little heart out and devised several outfits that are both warm and chic!

Day 1: I need to find a top that goes with these leggings from American Apparel, these will be what I wear on day 1. I'm thinking to match the pattern with some crazy thrift store find or a nice and over priced designer T. Thoughts?


Day 2: Day Dress + Biker Boots + Boyfriend Blazer - I'm yet to find the perfect dress but I'm going to buy these boots:

Day 3: Three quarter length cream knife pleat skirt from Miss Mouse boutique (pray for me that this hasn't been sold yet!) + floral singlet + Monochrome Converse Sneakers - it still remains to be seen how I will keep warm in this...

The line-up this year includes THE STROKES (I would die to meet Julian Casablancas and love-love-love his new album), 90s punk band THE PIXIES, blonde beauty GOLDFRAPP and red headed indie siren FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE, to name a few. One thing for certain is that I will be laughing, crying, screaming, flashing and yahooing the weekend away, do look out for my follow up with pictures from the weekend.

The Pixies

Julian Casablancas


Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine)

image of leggings sourced from
and boots sourced from